Updates on Defense Services Awards

Good morning, Warriors!

The Defense Services Award is presented to all members who complete 2 continuous years of service in the Colonial Ministry of Defense. Subsequent awards are issued at 5-year intervals.

The following members reached this milestone last year or the year before. Some had certificates hijacked by Cylons. Others were missed, entirely by the fault of the Office of Operations. We humbly apologize to the Masada, and to these members. If there are others that were missed, feel free to contact me.

Please join me in congratulating the following members for their years of service to the CMoD:

2 years:

Emily Dykes
Clinton Harris
Barry Armstead
Roger Hebert
Mike Goodreau
Russ McKinney
Emerson McNerney

Certificates will be sent out and Athena has been updated.

OPS Actual

Congrats to all!!!

Commander Kevin Hancock
Gunstar Daxton-Star Actual