Raptor MkI MkII

OK, this one is for my detail oriented Colonialist.
Not a trivia question - an honest inquiry

  • Where specifically does is the ‘Tail Number’ on a Raptor? Low, Middle, High? Have an example?
  • Anyone have a real script blue style shot of one by chance, the handbooks image looks good but looking for the next level.

Wow proof reading my own entries might be helpful
I meant to type in bullet #2
“crisp blue print style” shot of one by chance.

That’s a real good question… maybe Google some images and see if any of them have what you’re looking for. I don’t know that we have anything that specifies it.

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Thank you that was early in my journey, appreciate the nudge, I will keep looking. Some impressive images at http://www.wolfsshipyard.com/

I apologize for the delay in response… I was having notification issues that I was not aware of :slight_smile: