Proclomation of Metis Award Winners

It is my pleasure to announce the following chapters that have won the Proclamation of Metis award, which is based on the TOTAL number of courses taken and passed by their chapter members:

The Proclamation of Metis – Bronze (100 courses):

Battlestar Europa, Battlestar Guardian, Battlestar Helios, Battlestar Prometheus

The Proclamation of Metis – Silver (200 courses):

Battlestar Cronus, Battlestar Hyades, Battlestar Hydra, Battlestar Masada

The Proclamation of Metis – Gold (300 courses):

Battlestar Olympus

Congratulations to these chapters!

Commander Wayne “Auggiedog” Augustson
Commandant, Colonial Warrior Academy
Guardian Actual
Battlestar Guardian BS-65
Aerilon Fleet

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Congrats to all the recipients! Great work!

Woo hoo! Awesome work everyone :slight_smile:

Congrats to all!!!