Nugget Nugget 's - Curriculum direction

I have a question, is there a course suggested curriculum?
Meaning suggestions of what to take, in which order, beyond the initial 3 courses?
Or even based on our fictional career paths? Best way to get promotions? etc.
Loving the process, this Nugget has only been on board 60 days (Thanks Kevin for the invite) :alien: :alien: :alien: :alien: :alien: :alien:

A lot of it depends upon what you want to do… if pilot is your career path, you’ll wanna take all of the small craft courses. If you want to become a Senior Pilot, you’ll need to take the Basic Academy, Tactical Academy, and Cylon courses CWAF401 through CWAF408.

If the Marines are your thing, we have a whole college dedicated to that Branch.

As far as promotions, once you finish the Basic Academy, that gets you Ensign (if you’re on an Officer path). Any promotions after that are from your chapter CO.

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Very much so, thanks Bassman,
When I was recruited my thought process was simple, ECO and occassional pilot.
Now not 100% - but unless its too limiting, I think Electronic Countermeasures Officer (ECO) will be a good fit. Assuming a career path change is not “completely” unheard of ha ha
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