New Website Unveiled!

Greetings Colonials!

I hope you are all doing well this fine day. As you may have noticed we have a new website that has gone live a little earlier today. A few more graphics are being updated, but we should be stable. I want to apologize to membership as we have had a series of issues that led to a longer than expected down time on that front. Now the website is contained in the same rig that keeps Athena online and will be stable for here until the future! We will be updating a few small pieces of the site today but it will not be going down for any changes.

That said, we have a couple new items for you to see. The first is an item requested by @Les Rickard when he was CnC - a set of forums that did not depend on Facebook in any way. That set of forums is now live and is linked on the website in the top right hand corner. Please feel free to request an account and enjoy it!

Secondly, a series of changes is happening for commanders and fleet commanders. All our internal reporting will be moving behind Athena’s login effective this weekend. Each commander or fleet commander will have the options to fill out THEIR Fleet (no selecting fleet) reporting form. I’ll give you all detailed instructions over the weekend as mentioned.

More! We will have key items coming into place over the next week or so. Please keep a look out as we continue to work on improving the CMOD’s digital space.

Derek Morgan
Chief - Data Ops